Adler Training & Consulting have a number of technical engineers who provide on-site service and support. They are highly qualified, experienced and motivated. A considerable amount of our business is based around providing their services to our customers. The first line of contact is always with our office. We find that many problems can be resolved over the phone or via the internet, thus saving you, the client, both downtime and money.

Network Design

Our customers are not IT specialists, but we are. They have a business to operate profitably and depend on their IT investment to assist them with that goal. We see ourselves as their IT department and consequently want to help our customers grow their business. For this reason, we strongly believe that a good overall design and implementation of their network will allow them to achieve these goals. We are proud of the fact that we have many loyal, long term clients.

On Site Service

Many of the products we supply are covered by manufacturers on-site warranties. However, our technicians are available for other on-site consultations for Trouble Shooting, Software installation - Windows XP/Vista/7, Network Configuration and Installation / Configuration of all peripherals.


We provide training on a wide variety of Windows based programs. Training can be on a one-to-one basis or up to six at a time. Training facilities may be in house or on-site.


We are able to provide all the services required for a successful Internet experience. These services include:

  • Account setup with ISP - Configuration of PC's at home or office
  • Internet Training - Network e-mail and internet access
  • Domain name registration - Web domain hosting
  • Web-site development